AMARE, 2016

AMARE, 2016

This 1-year pilot project "Arts and Culture on the Nordic Edge" (AMARE) was suppurted by Nordic Culture Nordic Point’s Culture and Art Programme / Capacity development.

The aim of this 1-year pilot project and the subsequent 2-years project was to qualify and enhance the methods and competences of the voluntary arts and culture associations to provide cross-disciplinary arts and culture opportunities in sparsely populated societies in the West Nordic Region. with an added value for civic participation, community bonding  and local identity.

See the Compendium from the seminar, April 2016 in Tasiilaq, East Greenland here: .

Culture event in Scotland

Culture event in Orkney Islands

Culture event in Shetland Islands

Sledge dogs in Tasiilaq

Lobster Festival in Hornafjörður, Iceland

Arts exibition in Horbelev Citizens House